Roma Young - Illtjunu

Roma Young - Illtjunu

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Artist: Roma Young 

Title: Illtjunu

Cat No: 17-274

Size: 127 x 71.5 cm  Acrylic on Canvas


Illtjunu is near Kunutjanu, there are three rock holes there.  There are two male emus that are travelling and stop at these rock holes.


Birth Date: 1952
Place of Birth: Pitjantjatjara
Community Kalka : SA

Roma was born in Warburton in 1952. She grew up in Mount Ebenezar and later moved to Curn Springs. She moved to Amata, where she got married. Later she moved with her 3 children and her husband to Pipalytjara where she had another two children. Roma visits Ninuku Arts Centre occasionally and does paintings of her country Ilupa near Blackstone.